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 تحميل لعبه هاف لايف Half-Life 2 Trilogy

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مُساهمةموضوع: تحميل لعبه هاف لايف Half-Life 2 Trilogy    الأربعاء أغسطس 24, 2011 11:54 am

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Half-Life 2 Trilogy

Half-Life 2 Trilogy (2004-2007/MULTI2/RePack by R.G. ReCoding)
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: Valve Software | Publisher: Valve Software | 2004-2007 | 6.7 GB
Genre: Action / Shooter / 3D

Description Half-Life 2:
1998. HALF-LIFE shocked the gaming industry a combination of intense action and continuous, spanning plot. Valve's debut game has won over 50 awards "Game of the Year" in the way of obtaining the title of "Best game for the PC of all time" by PC Gamer; she promoted the franchise that has sold over eight million boxed around the world.
NOW. Preserving the atmosphere of anxiety, and call internal voltage and adding a new realism and interactivity, Half-Life 2 opens the door to a world in which the presence of a player affects everything around him - from the physical environment to the behaviors and emotions, even as both friends and foes .
The player again picks up the mount a research scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself awash in aliens Earth, which is rapidly depopulated resources and the population collapses. Freeman imposed on the inevitable role of the savior of mankind from the evil which he released to freedom at Black Mesa. And it is very dear to him many people rely on it.
The intense gameplay Half-Life 2 in real time became possible only thanks to Source �, - a new high-tech game engine's own from Valve. Source is characterized by significant progress in the following areas:

Description Half-Life 2 - Episode One:
Half-Life 2 has sold 4 million copies worldwide and received over 35 awards "Game of the Year." Episode One - The first game in the series, which continues the story Half-Life 2 and offers to go beyond City 17. Also includes two multiplayer games. Half-Life 2 is not required.

Description Half-Life 2 - Episode Two:
Half-Life � 2: Episode Two - the second part of a trilogy of new games created by Valve, which continues adventures taking place in the award-winning bestselling Half-Life �.
You in the shoes of Gordon Freeman, Ph.D. was last seen leaving with Alyx Vance City 17, at the very moment when The Citadel jumped into the air by the explosion an unknown force. In Episode Two you have to break through and shoot through the Alliance forces through the White Forest to deliver a package with mission-critical information, stolen in the Citadel, to the base of the resistance - in the hands of scientists.
Episode Two continues the classic gameplay of Half-Life, adding a unique weapons, vehicles, and new kinds of monsters.

System requirements:
v Operating system: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
v Processor: Pentium 4 1.7 GHz / Athlon 1700 +
v Memory: 512 MB
v Hard disk space: 14 GB (the whole trilogy)
v Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
v Video Card: GeForce 6600 c 256 MB or equivalent

Features RePack
� Side-based cache Steam, updated on 08/21/2011
� Fillip Victor'S Update v2.0 + Patch 1.0 (optional)
� Tablet RevEmu 9.8.5
� Work to achieve
� Half-Life 2: data-engine1.bin, data-engine2.bin, data-hl2.bin, data-hl2ru.bin (optional), data-hl2bukaru.bin (optional), data-fvsupd.bin (optional)
� Half-Life 2 - Episode One: data-engine1.bin, data-engine2.bin, data-ep1.bin, data-ep1shared.bin, data-hl2ru.bin (optional), data-ep1ru.bin (optional)
� Half-Life 2 - Episode Two: data-engine1.bin, data-engine2.bin, data-ep2.bin, data-ep1shared.bin, data-hl2ru.bin (optional), data-ep1ru.bin (optional) , data-ep2ru.bin (optional)
� Repak from: R.G. ReCoding

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تحميل لعبه هاف لايف Half-Life 2 Trilogy
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